Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Recovery - Back to Seattle

We missed church Sunday, the flight yesterday was just too much. United was on time or close enough. Chicago was the worst, no jet bridge, so I put Kathy's lenses on my shoulder and hiked down the stairs and then hiked back up the stairs.

We plan to try to avoid going through Chicago again, this was not the first time for this nonsense. We did not score first class, but that is OK, United's  hot roast beef sandwich for sale in coach is excellent. We do not eat much red meat, but that was a real treat.

When we got our bags at SEATAC we were at some door they could not pick us up. So we had to move everything to an exit where they could get us.

We both picked up some respiratory bug in VA Beach. I made a meal with a hot pepper and lots of garlic; hopefully that and some rest will help us turn things around. Trying to slog through my email, is this the way we are supposed to celebrate Labor day? Playing my favorite Tuvan throat singing music, Kathy is sleeping. We know we need to go out for food, but we are just so tired.

Would not change a thing though, Richard Porter is fully equipped to teach MGT 512, it is great to see that combination of knowledge and passion.

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