Thursday, August 15, 2013

Richmond to Seattle

Not too bad of a trip, I was wiped out. I think moving must have been stressful. United 3387 from Richmond (RIC) to Chicago (ORD) was on time and hassle free. United 817 was also on time. Starline Limo picked us up and traffic was light, what is not to like.

We got in late and poured into bed. Would have slept late, but they are doing something with the road upgrading the power; Tonka trucks everywhere; back up beep sounds all the time. They went through an incredible amount of gravel.

On the plus side, it rained all day, so we do not need to water Kathy's plants.

We went to the Costco, Kathy's glasses broke and we ordered replacement players before this trip. They had some gluten free bread that looks really healthy and I got a chicken. Costco does a better job with Chicken than I can so I tend to use theirs. I am 33 email messages in the hole, so need to work on that next.

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