Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Back in Seattle

Since we have been in Kauai it has been a really long stretch of great weather - incredible. Then the day before we flew this strange mist rolled in on the South wind. It was like 24 hours of being in a cloud, though it was gusty sometimes. Our plane, Alaska 832, was two hours late. The previous flight had been battling 100mph headwinds and had to land early in San Francisco to have enough fuel.

No problem, we did not have a connecting flight so we just left two hours later for the airport. Now we had > 100 mph tailwinds. Wow. And not much turbulence either. We flew from Lihue to Seattle in about 4 hours, not quite Concorde speeds, but the fastest I have clocked to date.

It is raining here, not hard, just a grey drizzle. For lunch we had GF Crispy Cod. I rarely eat beef, but there was a really good looking piece of top sirloin at Winco; it is soaked in a marinade at the moment.

We met with the fencing contractor after the annual SANS state of the union address, and we have a plan shaping up so that Yogi can run safely in the backyard.  Kathy is no longer concerned that an eagle will scoop him up and fly away with him, (remember the movie, The Proposal? ), but I do have concerns regarding the coyote and the deer who frequent this property.  

Kathy woke up this morning with that familiar set of travel set of questions:  where am I?   where do I need to be next?  when are we flying out again?..  This sequence lasts about 15 seconds while I clear the sleep out of her eyes..  

According to Kathy, I, (Stephen), on the other hand, wakes up and goes 0-60 before his feet hit the floor, lol.

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