Friday, January 16, 2015

AG Russell Knives

As many of you know when our house in Richmond VA sold the offer came just before the holidays and they wanted to close in two weeks. Kathy and I were on the road and had to manage closing out from afar, (which is much less stressful btw).

Lots of wonderful people helped us, both as friends and for hire and we "got her done", but a few things vanished in the chaos. Most of them really do not matter to me, but my two stainless steel "honcho" cooks knives were counted among the missing.

I do not know if you find it frustrating when you charter a boat, spend time at a friend's house or vacation rental and they do not have a decent cooking knife. In a pinch, I can often make do with my Spyderco, but it is just making do. The honcho rocks.

AG Russell is the vendor I got my honchos from and they quit carrying them. Then the latest catalog came and here it is, item AG-135VG10. They now call it a folding cook's knife, but what is in a name? VG10 is the perfect steel for a portable kitchen knife.

What shocked me is how hard is has been to place the order. I am in Hawaii right now which puts me five hours behind Russsell in Arkansas. So I tried the web first, no joy. Called, got an answering service, no joy. Started calling first thing this morning and still did not make much progress. They still have an address for me that is 10 years old and it apparently takes an act of God, (and a supervisor) to put in an up to date address. And the call kept dropping, I don't think the problem is on this end, I talk on the phone a lot.

Bottom line: great knives, terrible infrastructure.

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